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Why should I go with a 3 inch system? Some other manufacturers claim that 2.5 inch is the best. This is one of the most common questions we get. Everyone has their favorite guru that they like to quote, but we think that an engineer at Garrett Turbochargers said it best: "[At] 300 hp you're definitely sub-optimal with 2.5 inch". While many of our customers may not ever get to 300hp, the majority of them say that's the target they're shooting for. From everything we've seen and all we know about the 3SGTE, we believe that three inch exhaust systems are the best for serious performance. The article linked above is definitely worth reading. It gives a very good overview of how to design the exhaust on your turbocharged car for maximum performance and minimum BS.

Tell Me About Shipping Costs - All shipping costs are extra. Aussie Exhaust will quote you the costs shipping per order. This cost will vary with weight and destination. However, this price does not include customs duties, as may be assessed by US Customs or the customs agency in your country. The bill for customs duties will come direct to you from the shipping company. For most Aussie Exhaust components, no customs duties are charged (the packages are too small and don't attract the attention of US Customs). For larger packages (like complete exhaust systems), we find that customs duties are charged pretty regularly. These charges can range from $40 to $75, depending on what US Customs feels like that day. Aussie Exhaust - USA cannot legally be responsible for collection or payment of customs duties on customer orders.If you live outside the US, please contact us for a shipping quote to your country. We have satisfied customers in Mexico, Peru, Chile, Barbados, France, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. We also speak limited French and Spanish.

Will Aussie components work in my 3SGTE transplant project? It depends on the swap, but generally the answer is yes. We've seen Aussie DPs used on every generation of 3SGTE/Celica combination as well as MR2s and even a few oddball cars like the Carina. The best bet is to send us an e-mail and ask.

Why doesn't Aussie Exhaust use stainless steel for the downpipe? Aussie chose to use mild steel for three reasons: weight; price; and a desire to eliminate cracking due to heat cycling. The simple fact is that stainless steel is heavier and more expensive. By using HPC coating, Aussie downpipes get all the advantages of stainless without the price or weight difference. Additionally, stainless steel is more prone to cracking due to the high heat and effects of heat cycling at the turbo. Mild steel is much less likely to crack under the same conditions.

Can I get a downpipe custom made to my specifications? Yes and no. Yes, Aussie can absolutely make custom downpipes with additional sensor mounts or different configurations of the sensor mounts. But No, Aussie doesn't currently make downpipes for turbos other than the CT26 or the CT20B. All downpipes are designed to work with Toyota turbos, not models with different flanges or configurations like the TD06, T67, etc. You may be able to have an Aussie DP re-flanged for use with an aftermarket turbo, but Aussie isn't able to do this work nor will they warranty it if you have it done.

Are Aussie Exhaust components street-legal? It depends almost entirely on where you live. In some states or countries, you can freely remove your catalytic converters, run straight pipes with no mufflers, and drive on nothing but race gas. In other places, it's nearly illegal to swap your muffler without asking for permission or telling your insurance company about it (UK & Australia). The best way to be sure is to research the area in which you live. Ask your local inspection station or visit your local department of motor vehicles.

How do exchange rates affect your prices? In order to take advantage of constantly changing exchange rates, we occasionally adjust the price of Aussie Exhaust products to make sure you're getting the best deal (and to make sure we're not going bankrupt). We will occasionally adjust pricing without posting it to the website first. Check with us to make sure that you've got the latest prices.

Disclaimer: Depending on where you live, Aussie Exhaust components may not be emissions legal or may be for off-road use only. Make sure you understand the regulations in your state, province, or country before removing emissions control devices.Copyright© 2003 Aussie Exhaust USA Any reproduction or use of content without permission is strictly prohibited